About 3waylabs

3waylabs is located in Menlo Park, California (at the north west edge of Silicon Valley). We started our business in 1990 as Network Wizards, specializing in unique products relating to computers and communications. In 2008, we changed our name to 3waylabs.

Products and services we have worked on include wireless electronic mail systems, computer control of cellular telephones, electronic jewelry, satellite delivered usenet news receivers and protocols, computerized temperature sensors, computer console management systems, Internet domain system surveys, and Internet web hosting services. We are currently concentrating on computer controlled RGB LED lighting displays.

3waylabs is owned and operated by Mark Lottor. Mark worked at the DDN Network Information Center at SRI International as a systems programmer and assistant computer facility manager for 7 years, and worked with Internet protocols and services from 1982-2002. He was a member of the Internet Engineering Task Force for over 4 years, mostly involved with the Domain Name System working group, and has authored four Request For Comments documents. Mark still produces the quarterly Internet Domain Survey, which counts the number of hosts on the Internet. Mark was also the founder of one of the first web hosting services on the net, Catalog.Com.